The Evolution of the Web

The web today is a growing universe of interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos, and interactive content. What the average user doesn't see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all this possible.

Over time web technologies have evolved to give web developers the ability to create new generations of useful and immersive web experiences. Today's web is a result of the ongoing efforts of an open web community that helps define these web technologies, like HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL and ensure that they're supported in all web browsers.

The color bands in this visualization represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily.


The Evolution of the Web

Global Internet Users


Made with some friends from the Google Chrome team

2011 & 2012 versions by Hyperakt and Vizzuality

2010 version by mgmt design and GOOD


Wikipedia,, W3C, and Mozilla Developer Network

Browser screenshots used in this infographic were sourced with best efforts from the web community.

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